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OneiXUI - 1.2

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OneiXUI give a new style to your iPhone with a powerful design where you will give life to your iPhone with jailbreak I hope you like more UI very soon, 


1-) Battery (OeniX UI

2-)Keyboard Icons OneiXUI

3-) LS Icons OneiXUI

4-) OnieX ( Setting

5-) Signal & WiFi (OneiXUI

6-) Status Bar Icons (OneiXUI

What do you need

you must download these extensions from cydia

1-) SnowBoard

2-) SnowBoard Icon UI Extension

3-) SnowBoard Icon Setting 

V 1.2

Whtas News


AppStore (OneiXUI)

imessage (OneiXUI)

Photos (OneiXUI)

v 1.0.0 

Whats new 

Music Controls (OeniXUI

OneiX themes Here


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