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OneiX - 1.6.1

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Icons ( Setting OneiX )

1-) 237 icons and more to come

2-) Mask pack

3-) Pack a badges

4-) UI is coming in the future

1-) Battery (OneiX UI)

2-) Music Controls (OneiX)

3-) Sinal & WiFi OneiX iOS UI

4-) Status Bar Icons (OneiX)

Vs 1.6.1

Whats new

This update fixes the error where it did not show the calendar day
It also fixes a bug with the unc0ver and allstore applications

Vs 1.5.1

Whats new 41 Icons Request 

new redesigned icons, and add an icon for sileo, Zebra new icon for Unc0ver, Taurin

Icons request via Twitter @Castroios2

Vs 1.3.3

Whats New 

New icon badges 

Vs 1.3.2

Whats New 

Icons ( Setting OneiX )

Vs 1.3.2 

Whats New 

Incons Mask 

Icons Badges 

and other design implementations, more UI coming soon