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MacOS Big Sur Pro - 1.2

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MacOS Big Sur Pro

It is a funsion Between MacOSBigSur Plus and MacOSBigSur Black, it is two themes in one, both with their own icons, the Plus version and the black version,

- Characteristics
- MacOSBigSur Plus has 235 icons
- 1 Pack of badges
- 20 Alternative icons
- MacOSBigSur Black
- Ditch with 199 and more in the future icons with the same lighting of MacOSBigSur Plus only in black
- 1 pack of badges

If you want you can compare the themes
MacOSBigSur Plus
MacOSBigSur Black,
separately you can also do it, hope you like it

To request icons or any problem you can contact me via twitter Castroios2


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